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This ferry arrived after we docked at Naples - and parked perpendicular...

Across from the church we visited in Naples.

San Gennaro Church

Detail on the front of the church.

A church across from the narrow little street we went shopping in.

A street lined with little shops, all apparently owned by one or...

Bell tower


A typical grocery store - bags of pasta hanging everywhere.

Cars and scooters zipping by everywhere. There are traffic rules but nobody...



The pizza oven at Ristorante les Gaga.

All 45 of us got a freshly made individual pizza - margherita...

We also had salad, dessert and red or white wine.

These people from Toronto know friends of ours in White Rock.

Mmmmm! Pizza.

There was also entertainment.

Elisa our tour guide. A Naples native.

Castle dell"Ovo

Castel Nuovo

Castel Sant'Elmo

Mt. Vesuvius

An interesting blend of old and new.

Mt. Vesuvius

Castel Nuovo

Movies Under the Stars on the ship - complete with popcorn and...

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Entertainment in the Ristorante Les Gaga

We arrived at about 7:00am in Naples. It's always fun to stick your head out the balcony door and see what's happening in the harbours we attend. Most of them are extremely busy, loaded with boat traffic. Most of the cruise ship terminals are many miles from the city you are stopping to see. Naples was fairly close.

Shore Excursion - Treasures of Naples and Authentic Pizza - 8:15 to 12:45

This tour began on a bus. We then toured San Gennaro Cathedral and Museum. Amazing treasures in the museum. We then went to a little street for some shopping - Maureen thinks it may have been San Gregorio Armeno. It was a narrow street, quite long, lined with little shops with souvenirs. We then sat at a Cafe for an espresso then our tour guide Elisa led us along many narrow side streets filled with darting traffic, cars and scooters. You take your life in your hands in Naples. Apparently there are rules, but no one follows them. There are Policia everywhere but they do nothing with the wild drivers. When crossing a busy street, it's best to just shut your eyes and run. It is thought that the best way to cross a street is to be born on the other side. The roads are made of cobblestones in every port we stopped in.

The grand finale of our tour was lunch at Ristorante les Gaga. It was a quaint little place, down a few stairs. There were about 45 of us on the tour. We all sat down and were served salad and red or white wine. Then we were each served the traditional Margherita pizza (tomato, basil, mozzarella - the colour of the Italian flag and named after Queen Margherita in 1830). Then a nice Pannacotta dessert and Americano coffee if we wanted. The white wine was Campi Flegrei Falanghina, LeVigne de Parthenope. We might try to find it at home. Then back to the bus to return to the ship. A fair amount of walking but well worth it. Larry carries a seat with him. You can see it in some of the photos. When he thinks we will be standing for a while, he unfolds the seat and sits right down. If we could have carried a bunch with us, we could have sold them all.

We had been told before we left that we should know the phrase Sono Canadese (I am Canadian) but we found that if we at least tried Buongiorno, Per Favore and Gracie everyone was really nice and most people have pretty good English.

Sail Away today at about 6:30 pm. We tried to watch a Movie Under the Stars this night but the sound was hard to hear. You sit on nice loungers with warm blankets. They bring around popcorn and drinks.

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