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Fountain in Blind River

Road Kill - solar panels from a RV

Bill at Serpent River - with refreshments

Welcome to Massey

sunset from the campsite

Picturesque falls in the campsite

Second set of falls in the campsite

Day 42 Thessalon to Massey

127km in 4 hrs 27 min @ 28.5 kph total time 6hrs

Another nice day for riding - got to high of about 24 - not too hot - finding that I am consuming less water & making more pit stops - Dr Mark commented that it means that I am staying well hydrated...

Straight down hwy 17 for another 140 km . The hill were fairly flat , easy going and actually a fun day of biking . Like playing scrimmage with the boys in hockey with 5 aside , no one on the bench - playing the whole game, not keeping score , some rushes , but also coasting and no urgency- FUN!!!

A lot more towns and housing since the Sault - some interesting towns like Blind River - pretty small town ( 1700) with a nice fountain in the middle of town - adjacent to hwy 17

. Also following picturesque Serpent River

. Bill Gallagher , a TDC 2000 veteran, an retiree living in Elliott Lake, met us at

Serpent River (Deer Trail Info Center) with cold water and refreshments - greatly appreciated .


Stayed at Chute Provincial Park in the town of Massey

- being Friday of the long weekend the camp was full . Massey was a former lumber town in the late 1800s & early1900s - chutes were built around the rapids of the River aux Sable to reduce log jams from the logs being floated down the river form inland. Hence the name Chute Park. The rapids are still present and are quite scenic


The sunset that night on the river was also quite scenic


Like in the trenches: We had a group meeting this evening - the event was labelled as the "Tofu Wars" . (far over exaggerated - more like a skermidge - short tofu discussion). Meals generally have been of 3 variations : vegetarian (chilli, stew, pasta etc ) , tofu ( tofu with potatoes or rice ) and meat (meat with rice , potatoes or pasta AND tofu substitute for the non meat eaters) .. The issue is with the tofu dinners - what happens to those that don't like tofu - they would only have the vegetable - as opposed to the meat dinners when the non meat eaters get a substitute. After many previous days of small group discussion a solution was quickly established - either no more tofu only dinners ( do vegetarian instead , which everyone has no problem with) or have someone volunteer to cook a meat substitute on tofu dinners -Done!! - life would be no fun without interesting times & discussions. Actually it was no big deal . It is very interesting that the group of 27 people, of different backgrounds and with a complete cross section of ages and after 42 days of living on top of each other, does get along extremely well - the fact that there have been so few instances of any issues is certainly testimony of that.

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