Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Nice shot

Buildings at the preserve

Lake Russell

Disney preserve

Shirley is back home with me YEA!!! She flew into the Orlando airport yesterday afternoon. She had a wonderful time with her family but is happy to be back where it's warm. While we were waiting for her Don, Jeanne and I went to the Disney Nature Preserve. This is a wilderness plot of acreage that has been set aside in its natural state as a kind of "payment" for developing wetlands for Walt Disney World. We took a two plus mile walk at mid day so we really didn't see any wild life but it was very pretty. We just hung around last night after going to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Don is off to work today, Shirley and Jeanne are geocaching and I am going to ride the boats and hit a pool. Enjoy the pics.

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