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Large ugly bug landed on Nancy's book at CG

ATV's having fun

Along the way to Dinner Station CG

Heading up to Dinner Station

Looks like rain


Dinner Station NF CG

This is the way you get water at camp

Taylor River

Campsite right on the river


Our friends Brian and Suzanne.

Campsite next to theirs

Laying claim to Krypto's frisbee


Great views from this campground

The only clear spot in the sky

Enjoying a libation with friends

Camping right next to the river. Great sleeping!

Praire Smoke gone to seed

Brian and Suzanne stopped by Friday afternoon to let us know that they were camped at Dinner Station NFCG and invited us to join them Saturday evening to share a campfire, drinks, and hang out for a while. We readily accepted that invite, and last evening spent several hours with them and really enjoyed their company. We took the makings for s'mores with. Brain & Suzanne enjoyed our new and improved variety. They introduced us to adding Skippy's Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter to a s'more. A new favorite! Great people. Thanks guys!

Dinner Station is part of our NF campground system and is located about 17 miles from Onemile CG and about 5 miles beyond Taylor Lake Reservoir. Great views from most of their 22 campsites along the Taylor River. It looked like the sky was going to dump on us, but we had only a quick shower and got to enjoy the rest of the evening around the campfire.

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