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Arriving for the game, our girl is #10...

I think she's happy to be here!

Great control honey...

Oh no, but all she said is "I'm ok, I'm ok"

Heading for the net...

Yay, great job Jasmine!!!!

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I did it Poppa!

Saturday we woke to high winds and a significant drop in temperature. Bummer, because Miss Jasmine was playing in her first soccer game. Yep, two year olds playing soccer, who'd have thunk it, lol! Her team is called the Leprechauns. Too cute! We are amazed that she has such control with the ball. She maneuvers it around like a real pro, even kicking in a goal. She was so excited! I got a short video of her telling her grandpa all about it.

Then Sunday we took a day trip to visit Mom, Joyce & our friend Susan. As I mentioned before, she flew in from Sitka, Alaska. We all enjoyed a terrific Sunday brunch and enjoyed our visit very much. All too soon it was time for her to return to St George to pick up her rental car. So we said goodbye's, gave hugs and wished her luck with her surgery and return trip home. Larry & I returned to the house with Mom to do a few chores for her. We delivered a TV and Larry hooked it up to Direct TV and programmed the remote for her. The one she was watching had a very small screen so we know she'll enjoy having this one instead. It's been a month or so since we saw her last and we were glad to see that she looks well. Her color is good and she told us that her daily, small heart attacks have pretty much subsided. She's only used 4 nitro recently and that is wonderful! We're watching the Ely weather daily and they are still suffering with heavy winter conditions, including snow. She's hoping to return home in a couple of weeks and we're trying to convince her to wait until the weather warms a bit. So we're hoping for sunny skies soon!

It rained lightly and the wind blew most of our way home later that evening. But Larry drove carefully and we arrived safely. Onyx was so glad to see us. We weren't able to take her on this trip and her nose was a bit out of joint when we left. She's a definite traveler deep in her soul and hates to be left behind. She's a good girl and always behaves while we're away. We love our fur baby!

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