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with Sand Hollow State Park and decided to extend our stay here. Our original plan was to move to a commercial RV park in St. George that was within easy walking distance of central amenities downtown, but in the state park we have elbow room, beautiful views, and all the amenities we need. Central St. George is attractive and filled with statues honoring the founding Mormon fathers in the area. It was a bit disconcerting to look at the plaques on their statures and read the names of all the wives that went with each man. At least they mentioned them! We also see the Mormon influence at the grocery store, where some aisles are stocked with huge quantities of canned and dry food, since the religions recommends that its members save for a rainy day at 72-hour, three month and long term intervals.

One of the reasons the sites are so huge in the state park, is that most folks come here with far more stuff than we have - OHV stuff to be precise. People tow huge trailers full of ATV's and zoom around the orange dunes. Our 62' length (motor home + car) is small potatoes compared to them. There are a handful of folks here in tents as well. We watched a young couple - well, they really weren't all that young; to us everyone is young. We remembered our tenting days and a old man (probably about our age now) who came up to us and complimented us on how quickly and efficiently we set everything up. The folks we watched here had quite a struggle. Everything that had was brand new and they had to start by removing it from the box. Everyone has a first time...

We are near Zion National Park, a great place we've visited a number of times, most recently with a friend from Germany. Today we visited the western end of the park on a new route. We ended up seeing the back sides of the same mountains and rock formations most visitors enjoy on the main road through the park. Since mountains really have no back sides, they are awesome looking no matter the angle. We brought a picnic lunch, but once we got over 7,000' the temperature plummeted and the parka came on once again. Lunch waited until we descended.

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