Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 46. Cottonwood campground. On the largest lake in YT. Probably my second favorite campground. Again no tourist attractions around, except some glacier viewing, via airplane. However, are favorite campsites there are on the lake. Bad part is that the sites on the lake are only 15 amps. (Had to turn everything off so I could use my hairdryer) But I'll suffer for the view and the sound of the waves. Had huge winds from early evening and all night, kept the waves up. Took a long walk on the beach (rocky). Nice tailwind going out, but we had to go back!!! Phew! Interesting thing about the lake is that it used to flow to the Pacific, but about 400 years ago the water rose several hundred feet and it now flows toward the Berin Sea. We're back on the AK Hwy. Crossed the border to YT. About 30 miles all together of construction. Really slow with pilot cars and dust!!!

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