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Carpes at the Rensselaer IN Wal*Mart

Construction on I 280 near the Quad Cities

Crossing the Mississippi on I 280

Welcome to Illinois

Whimsical water tower in Watseka IL

Welcome to Indiana on US 24

Wed, 29 July: A nice day's drive...

Happiness is waking up at a service facility and not have to take the coach in for service. We're at HWH Corporation in Moscow Iowa and thanks to a fortunate scheduling fluke we were able to get our inspection completed yesterday afternoon rather than this morning.

We had a rainy nite with minimal wind or lightening. The rain was over by waking up time so we didn't have to worry about that. After breakfast and cleaning up we pulled the coach out of our courtesy parking spot and got Carpe Dinkun hooked up. We rolled wheels a few minutes before nine.

A quick 18 miles to the Pilot/Flying J truck stop in Walcott Iowa. We added almost 70 gallons of diesel at an almost deserted truck stop. In and out in less than fifteen minutes. You gotta like that...

Continuing east on I 80 a few miles to the I 280 bypass that goes west and south of the quad cities. Lotsa construction on I 280, but the traffic moved well and there were no backups.

We crossed the Mississippi River and entered Illinois near Rock Island. We rejoined I 80 and continued east toward La Salle where we took I 39 south. Since we have an extra day to get to Shipshewana we can bypass Chicago, a highly desirable thing to do in our book. I 39 south about forty miles to US 24, which we took east across Illinois into Indiana. Yes, we'll drive eighty miles out of our way to avoid Chicago!

Once in Indiana we took US 41 north to Indiana 114 east to Rensselaer. We pulled into the Rensselaer Wal*Mart at 1525 (Central time) and got set up. The outside temperature was in the high eighties so we started the generator to run the air conditioners and cool things down. By half past nine it had cooled down sufficiently to open the windows and use the ceiling fan to draw in the evening air.

It was a good 275 mile drive with an overall fuel economy of 7¾ mpg.

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