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Toucans, proper ones

Our hostel, pretty cool eh. Pool and Hammocks

What a shock!! In the Pantanal the temperature was hanging around the high 30s but we are adjusted now so we weren't sweating unless in the direct sun for long. What we didn't expect was to return to Campo Grande and it to be raining as well as the temperature being 15 C!! 3 days ago it was 39 C!!!! How can a place drop 24 C in 3 days?

We got on a bus and are now in Bonito where the temperature is also comparatively freezing. We were hoping for a gradual change as we slowly head south, but now it turns out it might get back to being hot tomorrow or the next. What is this planet trying to do to us?

Well, Bonito is nice but a little empty, the surrounding area has some treats for us, so we will see what we can do in a couple of days. Our hostel is fantastic, if not the cheapest. We have a swimming pool, free internet, pool table and a place to put our tent. I am just glad we have warm sleeping bags and extra protection against this sudden cold.

-EXTRA- After doing a short walk of the town it appears Bonito is the home of a few Toucans

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