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Me with Robyn Williams

Korina with Jamie Oliver

Respect my authoritaire!

Trafalgar Square

Fire of London Monument

Inside the Monument

Outside the Monument

Tower of London

Korina in the King's chair

Houses inside the Tower of London

Back down to London again - basically an excuse to be mega-tourists. Went to the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, cruise on the Thames, bus tour and Madame Tusseaud's. Certainly a lot to do in London, so lucky we've a few more trips down there planned in the near future. Had a fun night out in London - dinner at Wagamama's where we were adopted by a couple of Aussies randomly sitting next to us then out for a few drinks (still struggling with 11pm closing time though!).

Tower of London was good, although starting to get a bit of 'Castle-fatigue' now that we've seen a lot of this type of thing. My own personal favourite is still Dover castle because of the crazy maze of underground tunnels that were fun to explore (also much less crowded) - damn tourists everywhere at the Tower!

Really enjoyed Madame Tusseaud's - although the best bit was a couple of the large rooms that had random wax-works dispersed around the place and lots of tourists about. It was amusing to look at someone and

1. Try to work out who it was supposed to be - some of the wax-works were very good, some were a bit average

2. Try to work out if the person you are looking at is actually a wax work or another tourist!

In some cases it was like "hmm, don't recognise that celeb, hang on, it just moved...!". Very amusing.

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