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The Red Fort in old Delhi

Start your engines!!!

A church/mosque on this road in Old Delhi

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Our hotel in Delhi was just off of CHELMSFORD ROAD man!!!!

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A picture of a Tuk-Tuk

Em looking cool in the Tuk-Tuk's wing mirror!

How many people can you fit in a Tuk-Tuk. My size about...

Mornin Delhi!!

We got a Tuk-Tuk from our Hotel to Cannaught Place (the only part of Dehli that we had heard of!) to have a look around.

The Tuk-Tuk driver had other ideas though and decided for us that we wanted to do some shopping so took us to his mates shop - not on Connaught Place!

We had a look in there and Em tried on a top thing which was nice but we decided she'll probably never wear it so we decided against it.

The Tuk-Tuk had nicely waited for us and when we asked him to just drop us off at Connaught place as requested he said no problem and then took us to his mates Tourist information shop!!

We booked a trip to the Taj Mahal in there (We probably still got done for the price but it wasn't too much) for tomorrow.

Funnily enough the Tuk-Tuk driver was waiting for us outside to take us to another of his friends shops.

We'd finally lost our patience by then so we 'politely' declined his offer!

We wandered around Connaught Place which had shops like Nike and Macdonalds etc but then still had decrepid buildings and shops in between.

Dehli is a very strange place.

In the afternoon we got the metro out to Old Dehli (Chandni Chowk) and had a look around there.

This was completely non-touristy out here......but we still found a Macdonalds (only to get a drink mind!).

We can't believe we haven't seen any tourists since we have been here (maybe 5 in 2 days!).

Old Delhi was an experience, we saw the Red Fort and a few temples/mosques but it was really in your face and EVERYONE just stops and stares at you.

I get that a lot anyway but it's starting to pish Em off a bit!

We retired to the saftey of our room that night and ordered a cheese pizza from room service just for luck!


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