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The roads toward San Antonio were filled with a rye wheat that...

We cleaned the bikes at this truck wash outside of San Antonio.

The Alamo

Bill entering into the Alamo

The long barracks that is now a museum of really interesting pieces...

A really old Live Oak tree and the original water well in...

Bill making his way down into the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk

One of the many bridges to cross back and forth on the...

Walking along the Riverwalk

One of the many overlooks along the Riverwalk

Enjoying our dinner at Michilino's Italiano Restaurant

California Trip -- Day 5 -- San Antonio, Texas

We left Weimar, Texas and headed for San Antonio. It was foggy but at least it wasn't raining. As we drove down the road the fog became less and less. By the time we reached San Antonio it was completely gone.

We stopped outside of San Antonio to give the bikes a bath. All of the rain and dirt had turned the bikes into dusty and dirty toys. We wanted to have the bikes ready to ride as soon as we found a campground. They were shiny again!

We found a great campground inside the city. It is only 3 miles from many of the places we want to visit while staying in San Antonio. We arrived and got set up at the campsite. We unloaded the bikes from the trailer and took a shower. We headed out for our first day of fun in San Antonio.

We decided to see The Alamo first. We spent an hour or two exploring the Alamo. It is quite an interesting place. Located right inside downtown San Antonio, it is a piece of interesting Texas and American History. It has been around the San Antonio area way before its famous "Remember the Alamo'. It has changed in looks, usage, boundaries, and historical significance over the years. A pictorial history of the Alamo demonstrated that it wasn't just a dusty old mission where Davie Crockett and Jim Bowie lost their lives. The courtyards surrounding the place a beautifully decorated and landscaped now but was a place of social consciousness through the years. It was quite interesting that you had to take off your hat to enter the place and could not photograph the place or touch the walls. You could not speak loudly in the place. It is a real shrine in the area.

After leaving the Alamo, we headed for the Riverwalk. What a fascinating place!!!! We walked a little of the walk before taking a boat cruise of the entire 13 mile walk. I would tell anyone who has not visited this place to make an attempt to do is a wonderful urban planned effort.

After completing the boat walk, we decided to have a great meal on the Riverwalk. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Michilino's. The food was fantastic!

We returned to get our bikes to head back to the campground. I went to get on my bike when I realized that I had left the key in the bike with the headlight on and had drained the battery. It was now dark and how do you start a motorcycle with a dead battery. Bill returned to the campground and brought back jumper cables and we finally got the bike started.

We went back to the campsite and rested for the remainder of the evening......looking forward to another day in this wonderful city.

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