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King Creek Greeting Committee

View of Mt. Indefatigable (last week's scramble)

Lunch stop

Dale looks South

Dale and Jenny at the high point of the ridge

Group Photo

View North

Dale at the end of the ridge - deja vu?

Dale and Jenny enjoy the view

Pam and Dale ready for the steep down

Our destination - down

Dale takes the lead

Jenny on her way

Looking back up

Getting closer

Pam and Jenny take a break

Still more to go

Pam's knees have had enough!

Made it to the creek bed

Dale crosses over

Pam is a little more careful with her foot placement

Jenny can do it with her eyes closed!

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360 from high point of King Creek Ridge

(MP4 - 1.71 MB)

A long climb down....

We tried this ridge walk a few years ago but didn't make it to the ridge because a thunderstorm rolled in (ridges and thunderstorms are not a good mix!). Finally got around to doing it again, this time with Jenny. The hike starts off in the trees where we were greeted by a friendly Mom bighorn sheep and her baby. The trail exits the trees right away and a short steep hike gets you up onto the ridge quickly. To the West there are great views of the scramble we did last week (Mt. Indefatigable), Kananaskis Lakes and the Elk Range are South and the jagged peaks of the Opal Range are to the East. It is an easy amble along the ridge top with a couple of little bumps to go over. The trip back is in the valley between the ridge and the Opal Range and the climb down is short but really steep (the old knees felt this one!). Once we hit the bottom of the valley we followed a dry (mostly) creek bed until it joined up with King Creek. From there we criss-crossed the stream using rocks and logs through the narrow canyon until we were back at the parking lot. Another great day!

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