Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

We left the homestay at around 11:00 and made the drive back to Taupo. We stopped in Rotorua on the way because 2 people wanted to get off and make their way back north. This drive was not spectacular and it appeared that we were driving into heavy rain and crappy weather.

We got back at around 5:00 pm. Overall this was an interesting trip but the Kiwi Experience coach magazine made it sound like there were more free inclusions than there actually were. By taking this trip I have been to the four corners of New Zealand so choke on that baby. I have seen more of NZ than many Kiwis have. The east cape is secluded and not much is accessible or exciting. Try this area out if you want a holiday from your holiday.

Upon returning to where I could get a cell phone signal I was able to sign up to be part of a Environment Summit that the Alberta Government is hosting in October. I signed up in principle, but it would be cool to go to something like that.

I will be in Taupo for another day and then, as long as the weather is appropriate, I will make my way to Taihape (Tie-happy). The next stop is a unique location to Kiwi Experience called River Valley. This lodge is on a grade 5 river and I hope to do my 3rd rafting trip in New Zealand here.

Anyways keep checking my webiste, I am almost done with NZ.

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