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Our first view at 5:30 AM




Finally on the river heading out of port




Sometimes the hardest part of traveling is just getting started. While I knew the sooner I got to the Island the faster I can get things done I still found myself running around BKK doing some errands and basically taking things at a fairly leisurely pace. Part of which was trying to decide how to get back to the Island. Fly, bus or train. I was successfully able to drag this "complex question" out for a few days. In the end I decided to go for the train and what I hoped to be a much more comfortable means of travel to Chumpon.

( Chumpon is the port you have to leave from if you are going to most of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand and as you can see it's a bustling metropolis at 5:30AM)

So the train was definitely much more comfortable then the bus and outside of the 100 baht the waitress walked off with I arrived with all my belongings and a much better sleep then I had previously on the bus. So there is one for the train. I am always amused to how others are so fanatic about their particular means of transportation. One guy I remember on Kho Tao had been so adamant about how horrible the train experience was over the bus that he was practically jumping up and down trying to explain it. Others loathe the buses and are always complaining as to how they always get their stuff stolen. What do they say? "You can't please all of the people all of the time" I'm not even going to jinx myself by saying to much more on this topic!

Then there are those who wish to travel the most uncomfortable means possible just to save themselves a buck or two. OK, if you are paying the extra money for the train in the first place why not pay the extra few dollars and get the 2nd class ticket? I can't describe to you all the differences between the regular and 2nd class but for the $3 or $4 USD difference it is well worth the extra few dollars.

Obviously this is just a rant. . . ..

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