Rich and Cindy Ackman PEI and Nova Scotia 2019 travel blog

North Cape Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse

Typical Country Church

Wind Farm Blade

Potato Field

West Shore PEI 1

West Shore Tidal Pool Runoff

West Shore PEI2

West Shore PEI 3

North Shore PEI 1

Bottle House 1

Bottle House 2

Bottle House 3

Cindy and Joey in the Gardens

Southwest Shore PEI


We spent our first day on PEI exploring the outer shores of the north section of the island. Lots of pretty scenery. The entire island is basically a red clay rock. The sand, dirt, mountains,everything is red.

Lots of historical light houses, fishing villages, and very interesting little country towns. The island is almost all about fishing and farming. All kinds of farming. They grow primarily potatoes here but there is also large fields of wheat, canola, corn, barley, and a few others that I couldn't identify. The temperatures are pretty moderate all the way to December, so although it is cool, it is a very long growing season. Lots of beef cattle and dairy also.

The fishing is primarily lobster fishing. We are waiting to get to Nova Scotia for our lobster dinner. We have a great recommendation. There are also huge oyster farms in practically every bay. And I mean huge!!!!

We have never been anywhere there were so many churches. About ever 4 or 5 miles you run into another small country church and cemetery. The majority are alike and all have a steeple. We did run across an unusual one that had been moved to a tourist spot. It is now a hamburger joint.

The second day we toured the central part of the island. More of the same basically but we still enjoyed the day.

We move tomorrow to the east side of the island to Brudenell Provincial Park. We will do a couple more day trips with one of the highlights being the Singing Sands Beach. It is supposed to be something special. Three days at Brudenell and then we catch Ferry to Nova Scotia.

We met some folks parked next to us yesterday evening and they talked us into going to Newfoundland as long as we are this far north. Why not!!!! It's just another 7 hour ferry ride.

Bon Jour

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