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The Dalesman inn Sedbergh

The ever changing river Dee.

The village of Dent

The old git in the Dent valley

12.6 Miles from Sedbergh to Cowgill

After a fairly long day of walking the previous day I had a shorter day planned from the Dalesman inn to another pub the 'Sportsmans inn' in Cowgill. This was my first Saturday morning of this walk. The Dalesman was a Great overnight stop in a lovely little town. I left to return the route from Milthorpe bridge over the bubbling River Rawtheyl

The Sportsmans was just the sort of inn I love, traditional with a 350 year history spanning the Drovers and Irish navvies working on nearby railways, but still many miles to do before that. During the mornings walk my route arrived at the River Dee an interesting companion for many miles as it changed form from a rapidly flowing river to a tranquil one in a few yards.

The reason it transpires is that fast and flowing surface water disappears into its lime stone bed only to reappear later.....and so ends our geology lesson! It didn't though at any point display that effervesence seen the previous day as it collided with the river Rawthey

The Dee accompanied me all the way to the village of Dent historically known as Dent town as it once had four times the current inhabitants (about 1800). Historically the towns weavers produced cloth for the army during the 18th century constitutional war. Its original Norman church has been much changed since.

Now a conservation area, Dent is a very pretty village.

As I left Dent I also left the Dee that had been by my side all day. The route climbed up Deepdale Beck to the lovely valley above. From the vantage point could be seen all the 2000 foot plus hills that sided the valley.

The day had been warm and sunny as I descended into Cowgill. My destination though was almost half a mile on at the local pub that was not far from the very impressive Artengill railway viaduct, imposing on the nearby landscape on the other side of fast running stream. The viaduct is on the pretty Settle to Carlisle railway line. With an early arrival two superb pre bath pints were most welcome with an evening meal booked at 6pm. That pretty well summed up the day....the evening in an isolated pub with ale and food leaves nothing to the imagination.

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