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Ad for truffles with a cute hunter

3D map showing the Istrian peninsula

Entrance to Motovun; the Venetian lion has an open book

Poster advertising adventures in truffle hunting

Rog on the city walls of Motovun; a very short stroll in...

View from the wall in Motovun

Inside the town

Venetian lion with a closed book; tough times

Black truffles

Processed black truffles

Favorite son Andretti

View from the town

Local products for sale

More local products

Ad for the Motovun film festival

More local products

Local truffle hunter

Truffle hunter doing demo

Lunch at a nearby agrotourism restaurant

Beautiful orchards and vineyards in Istria

Even in the rain, lovely country

Local distillery that makes specialty brandies and jams

Vats to make flavored brandy: apples, rose petals and pears

Distillery display

A look at Motovun from afar

Istria is a peninsula just south of Trieste in Italy. We visited a "hill town" called Motovun which really did remind us of trips to Tuscany. The claim to fame in the area is also truffles, wildly expensive funghi that the locals use dogs to locate. We did a tasting, and frankly I don't think I will be making fast tracks to the specialty grocery store, but we did have a lunch at an Agrotourism place that made a mean pasta dish with a bit of the stuff.

Motovun is also the birthplace of Mario Andretti back in the day (1941) when it was a part of Italy. Our guide pointed out the street where he drove his wooden cars. Motovun is now a part of Croatia.

In earlier times Motovun was controlled by the Venetians, as was a lot of the Croatian coast. One interesting tidbit was that if the Venetian lion on the sculpture in the town had an open book it was peace time; if the book was closed that indicated turbulent times.

A friend of our guide's brought her truffle hunting dog and showed us how it is done.

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