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Ancient Forest

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Mt Robson in the distant

Fraser River gorge near Mt. Robson

The drive from Prince George to Jasper was a nice drive - travelling through mountain ranges, forests, farming praires on wonderful roads. Considering they have very hot summers (highest of about 32) and freezing winters (lowest of about -35) the roads here are great, much better than ours. Lui reckons the Aussies need to come over a do a course in road building.

We were told to visit Mt Robson and pleased we did - what a hill it is! It has the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains and is still cover in snow.

Upon reaching Jasper, with it being a clear afternoon we decided to do the SkyTram. Over 1000 mts on the gondola travelling at 23kms per hour in just 8 minutes. I don't tend to look down much and definately don't enjoy them when they swing! BUT - from the top WOW!

While Lui was doing the walk up to the summit, about another 1.2km I sat and just took in the sights.

My view: Lakes fed by glaciers are wonderfully aqua in colour, the rivers are mint green. The town of Jasper can accommodate up to 30,000 tourists per night, but from up here it looks quaint and small. It's layed out in almost a semi circle. It can snow up here in the summer, but we only got a shower of rain. OMG the serenity! Those mountains are stunning, I can see over 180' around me, mountains in all directions. Some are covered in snow and others are every type of grey you can imagine, as they have thawed. The sun on my back is warm, almost hot but the wind has a chill to it. I attracted a group of Golden Back Squirrels who were under the impression that I had brought afternoon tea with me - they were extremely cute, very fast, cheeky and very use to humans. Your not allowed to feed any of the wildlife here, even the little ones.

We got on the gondola to come down as there was a storm approaching only to just get out of the terminal when we had to turn back as there was lighting in the area. An hour later when proceeded again, this time reaching the bottom.

Checked into our accommodation, The Bear Lodge at 5pm, drinks a walk up town for dinner.

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