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Today was an incredibly tough day for me, to be honest. My favorite musician and one of the biggest influences of my life, Chris Cornell, passed away today. It was a bit hard to focus on the activities and events of the day. However, it was good to get out and go into Robert Thrisk again. I think Thrisk is my favorite of the schools we went to, and I'm glad we were able to get an extra day there. I loved talking to the students today, it helped to understand the student culture in Calgary. I also thoroughly enjoyed Glasgow and especially the Mineral exhibit. Rock formations and gems have always fascinated me, and it was cool seeing them. The performance of Macbeth we saw was also excellent, and I noticed the Canadian prounounciation of "sorry" even in some of the actors performing with period accurate accents. I loved the thematic ending of the play, with the witches looking towards Macduff, implying he will suffer the same fate as Macbeth.

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