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Baobob Tree

Maxwell and Moponi worms

Greeting th emorning sun


Our lodge

Up at 5:30 and breakfast at the lodge then we packed up the car and headed off for Zimbabwe. A baboon was sitting on top of the cliff overlooking the lodge just staring into the sunrise – he seemed to be contemplating his world. We stopped at a mall just outside of Zimbabwe to buy clothing and drugs that we needed as our luggage had still not caught up! The drug stores had everything we needed at the second one we visited (there has been an out break of malaria and they stated that the hospitals were filled and the pharmacies had run out of all three common malarials) but Kitty had to get a prescription from a Dr. for the malaria drugs that cost $5. We all (Jan, Kitty, and i) bought clothing and rushed back to the bus and got there just as Maxwell showed up with the food.

We headed into Zimbabwe with exit stamps from South Africa then into immigration at Brit Bridge - the busiest crossing in Africa. We trooped to the passport window and were in line but they were going to close and the line was too long so they sent all the Africans to another room and did our passports.

Then we went to another spot and filled out papers and dropped off our passports (and $30) for a visa then hung around under the entry shade for a couple hours while they were getting them done. We ate sandwiches and chatted with some of the folks there and finally headed off into Zimbabwe.

The landscape was completely different especially the lack on anything but domesticated animals - cows (lots of cows), goats, and donkeys. Lots of schools and kids in school uniforms. Initially a lot of Boabob trees but these soon gave way to large granite outcroppings. Many of the circular Zulu huts on the homesteads.

It was a day of mostly driving with a couple stops for “Bushy Bushy” (once in the bushes!) until we arrived at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel - a colonial era building. We got our rooms and settled in, then off to a nice dinner. We found out that one bag may have been found we’ll know tomorrow. We also had internet access poor but it worked! And tomorrow we get to sleep until 6:00 - a late start!

A dinner conversation with our guides Maxwell and Shaddy about their family life and children and perspective on one Africa and with a tourist from Netherlands about his disappointment in American politics and rudeness compared to the rest of the world… then some rum and coke for Tom and Kahlua for Kitty , text conversation with Alice and Ches and off to bed. What a pleasure to have a bed and a toilet in the same building … and hot water…

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