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Blue Mountains

Erosion in Blue Mountains

More Scenery - Blue Mountains

Pelican Standing Guard - South Coast

Jellyfish All over the Place

Variety of Fish in Tasman Sea

Coastal Scenery

We decided to head west of Sydney to the Blue Mountains. After wandering through a couple of villages along the way we arrived at Katoomba.which seemed like a pleasant little town with some spectacular craggy cliffs and interesting land formations. We found a quaint home converted to a hotel and an old fashioned room #1! The area was about five degrees C cooler than Sydney due to elevation. Our plan in the heat is stay in the air conditioned Camry driving until early check in , have a nap, then explore late afternoon, early evening.

After a nice breakfast we drove to "Three Sisters" monument which is sacred to the oboriginals in the Blue Mountains.

Not much else to do but relax in the quiet ambiance of the community......but no, the Baker,s needed to drive another 80 Kilometers to the coast. We had no idea how far it was from the suburbs of Sydney but our alternate route to the coast had fingers of the city sticking out here and there. The drive was quite pretty especially when we got into rolling hills. New South Wales had a hot and dry January so the fire risk is high right now. We encountered a high of 41 C coming down out of the mountains but generally cooled up to 5 C once we got close to the ocean.

A word of caution ....always pre-book accommodation for ocean rooms on a weekend in record temps!!! We didn't... Information centres in some communities will actually research, book and receive payment. A very helpful lady finally found us a spot for Friday night in a quaint little oyster farming village at Greenwell Point. It was up to an eatery attached to a very active local pub for a "blackfish" rendition of fish & chips.

We could have stayed here several days but needed to confirm Saturday night accommodation at some other beach..... Kathy actually suggested we might have to sleep in the car....that might have been OK 40 years ago in friskier times. After some assistance from a motel manager (in the very popular resort community in Huskisson) and the Internet we found a pricey Best Western all the way south in Bateman's Bay. This is at the south end of the tourist district of Shoalhaven, an area to return to....

Before we move on to our next adventure let us tell you more about our cruise ship, the Norwegian Star (worthy of a separate entry).

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