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Our personal lawn next to van

Lake Maraboon from beach

Sun set Lake Maraboon

Sun set Lake Maraboon

25/5/2016 Wednesday

Up early and into Emerald to visit Centrelink to sort out a problem. Could have slept in a bit longer - they were unable to help - don't have expertise in Aged Pension enquiries!!! At least they were honest. But they were able to tell us where the local shopping centres were...... We picked Pam & Don up where we'd dropped them off earlier and headed to the outskirts of town to Big W where we had a look around, made a few small purchases, and then coffee before backtracking a little to Coles/Target. Again we all made purchases plus groceries.

Once back at the vans, the boys prepared and dropped in a net to catch red claw, supposedly in abundance at the moment. Bought the recommended bait from the office, which consisted of a handful of dry dog food in a small water bottle for $2. We'll see. Lunch, then a nap for me and reading for Ian.

Ian and Don went to bring in their catch, only to find that the net had been moved about 3 metres from where they put it in, and they presume that any catch was taken. Oh well, sad for the boys, but Pam and I didn't lose any sleep over it!!! Needless to say that we're not into red claw.

Pam and I walked down to the beach just below where our vans are parked, then around to where we would get a good view of the sunset, for photos. There must have been quite a few dead animals, or fishermen weren't doing the right thing and burying fish remains, because the smell was atrocious. Got our photos and headed back to find that the boys had started to prepare for our nibbles. Well done!

Dinner cooking now, then more instructions from Pam, this time a refresher course as to how to do what I did last night, plus add photos. Pam is a very patient teacher - she has to be with me, because I'm a slow learner.

We have loved our 2 nights at this caravan park, and it would be easy to stay a week or two, without going into town. Maybe we'll come back sometime and request Site 37 which we have now, and is great. It even has our own small patch of lawn.

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