Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

When we left Anacortes WA we had 2100 miles to travel before we got home. Usually, we plan stops along the way to break up such a long drive. There aren't all that many places to linger in the middle of our country that are interesting and that we haven't already spent time visiting. But after three long driving days we need a break. Rapid City is the most eastern part of the Old West. We've spent at least a week here, because there are so many things to see and do, but we've seen and done them already.So we've decided to give ourselves a day off tomorrow and revisit some old favorites.

The other reason we've chosen to stop here is because old travel friends are working in the best campground in town. Due to their generous intervention we are staying here for two nights for $20, a friends and family discount. Tonight they showed us around and talked about all the tasks they do in this huge membership campground. Their energy and hard work makes us feel like slugs. Although they are somewhat older than we are, they retired and became full-time RV'ers 25 years ago and have a need to refill their coffers now and then.

Just north of Rapid City we came through Belle Fourche, which advertised itself as being the geographic center of the country. Good to know.

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