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Much better weather so met Raju at 10 to trek up to The Jakhu Temple of Hunaman, the Monkey God. Challenging at times due to the altitude, at 2500 m high. Macaque monkeys in evidence everywhere & the temple overrun by them. Before entering the temple removed shoes & washed hands. After hearing the tale of Hunaman we rang the bell for good luck and received a blessing from the monk.

We treated the monkeys with caution as they can be aggressive. Although Raju did feed them with some dried chick peas.

Another climb took us to the highest point above Shimla and for a photo opportunity in our Rock Choir T-shirts with the high Himalayas behind us. Then returned back down through the forest where leopards can be found apparently - but we didn't see one!

The Tibetan Market provided opportunities for interesting bargains before returning to our hotel - G&T of course. Back to our veggie restaurant for a really expensive meal - £6 for both of us!

The whole town has been packed with pre Diwali visitors especially as all goods are discounted for the festival.

There is an amazing festive holiday atmosphere very similar to pre-Christmas in the UK. We have been fascinated by the variety and vibrancy of the women's costumes from as far afield as Tibet (no passport required to cross the border either way).

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