Ted and Louise Alaska 2014 travel blog

Eielsen Visitors Center

Just a bit of Mt. McKinley

Up early and on the bus, school bus seats with seat belts. I was waiting at the wrong bus pickup area so we got the back seats. It was suppose to rain most of the day but instead was just partly cloudy, a little rain at the end. We were suppose to see lots of wildlife, but we saw little until we were nearly back to the visitor's center. There were suppose to be lots of mosquitos but there were only a few at the very end of the road where we turned around. We were suppose to NOT see Mt. McKinley because of the forecast but we did get quick peak as the clouds lifted a bit. We did see many other high peaks and glaciers. What I found fascinating were the formations left by the receding glaciers over the past thousands of years. I had loved geology in college and this was a lot of seeing that book learning live. Dinner of fish and chips, always my favorite.

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