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Today's route

Winnie at Parnell RV Park

Painted rock at Parnell

Purple martin houses along the highway

This way to Elvis's house. Guitars are an arts project and are...

House where Elvis was born

Elvis was a twin

Elvis at 13

Church where Elvis first began singing

Outhouse at the church

Could Elvis have ...... here?

1939 Plymouth similar to the one the Presley family drove to Memphis

Johnny's Drive-in where Elvis reportedly ate cheeseburgers

Another guitar

Statue commemorating Elvis's return to Tupelo

The hardware store where Elvis got his first guitar

Guitar in front of the hardware store

Winnie at the Campground at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo

Before I get into the days activities, we have some sad news. Ringo, our new cat, disappeared last night. He hadn’t really come out of hiding since we started the trip. He was in the bedroom last night when Sue went to bed. When we were getting ready to leave this morning we didn’t see him in the usual places where he was hiding. Thinking he found a new place to hide we headed off toward Mississippi. As we drove on he didn’t show up in the litter box or his bed, so when we arrived in Tupelo, we tore Winnie apart to try to find him, but no luck. After Sue went to bed the door was never opened. We have no idea what happened to him. He has a microchip, but he didn’t have his collar on. We reported him missing to petlink.net where the chip was registered and we called the campground where we stayed last night to keep an eye out for him. All we can do at this point is wait to see if someone finds him. Besides being sick, Sue is really upset. She worked so hard to get him to come out into the open over the past couple of weeks and seemed to be having a little success.

Sue decided she wanted to stay with Winnie this afternoon so I went into Tupelo for a little while to visit the Elvis sights. They’ve built a museum next to the tiny 2 room house where he was born in 1935. I never knew he was a twin. His sibling was still born. I toured the grounds but didn’t go into the museum. Beside the house, the Pentecostal Church where Elvis first began to sing was on the property. It was moved a couple of blocks to the museum grounds in 2008. The family left Tupelo in 1948 in order to find a better life in Memphis. Elvis was 13 and had already begun to sing and play the guitar.

After the birthplace, I headed to Johnny’s Drive-In where Elvis reportedly ate cheeseburgers. I didn’t try the food. In Tupelo downtown there is a brass statue of Elvis performing and leaning into the crowd. It’s at the location where he performed in 1956 when he returned to Tupelo for the first time after becoming a star. The other place of note was the local hardware store where his mom bought him his first guitar. As the story goes, he wanted a BB gun or a bike, but his mom thought he might get hurt with either of those things. The sales clerk suggested a guitar, but Elvis wasn’t interested until he figured out that it was the only thing his mom was going to buy him that day. He decided to take it and the rest is history.

Not much more to say today.

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