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Carpes at the Laredo Super Wal*Mart

US 83 is a divided road toward the south

US 83 road work

Downtown Rio Grande City

River fog blankets US 83

Thu, 09 Jan: Heading up the Rio Grande Valley...

An easy start today. We arose on our own terms, e.g., no alarm, and got ready for the road. Since we had diligently taken care of many chores yesterday it was a short process. Bob pulled Carpe out of her space and we got Dinkum hooked up. Out the gate a bit before nine and right up the on ramp to US 83 (alson Interstate 2).

Bob drove the first half to Roma. US 83 is a mostly limited access divided road from Brownsville to north of McAllen. Once out of the built-up area it becomes a four lane divided, then a four lane, and finally a two lane road.

We passed thru Rio Grande City, Roma, Falcon, Zaputa, and San Inglicia to Laredo, our current overnite stop. We arrived about 1230 and ate lunch before getting settled for the nite. We're staying at one of our very favorite RV park chains; Wal*Mart. We just love this "free" parking (which cost us $45 in groceries).

The weather started out overcast and then foggy as we drew closer to the Rio Grande. As the day progressed it cleared up and, as this is written a bit after four, it is sunny and warm with both of us in shorts.

Today's run was 168 miles of mostly pleasant driving. Tomorrow will be another drive day as we continue north toward Del Rio, 190 miles further up US 83 and US 277.

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