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Burning fields for fertilizer outside of Port Moresby

Into Port Moresby. The airport was partly air conditioned and partly really hot! Upper 80s at least, After going through customs with no problems we waited in line in a small room labeled “Domestic Transfers.” Well, one worker and literally a pile of suitcases at the belt’s exit from the room – she kept piling them on. We finally got out tickets and off to… well, we had no idea where. After a coupe false starts we were told – the other terminal.

We made our way and after asking three or four people finally found the place. Had our boarding passes checked and went into a very large and very warm waiting room – and after a couple of miscommunications we finally got in line for the flight – to find that our flight had been cancelled. Hmmm. Back to the ticket window for our new tickets then back through security – which wasn’t really – stuck our bags on the x-ray and walked through – nothing like the US at all.

Anyway, the about 400 yards in the sun to another Dash 80 and I asked a lady if she would trade seats so Alice and I could sit together - no problem at all! Then we sat on the runway for about thirty minutes listening to people sneeze and cough – and then we noticed the body odor… My oh my. Only problem was we couldn’t tell if it was someone else on the plane or us –

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