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Today was cloudy but reasonably mild for this time of year - about 13C.

The apartment is on the top of a hill with magnificent views but I'll wait for a sunny day to take photos. There's a huge tree outside the window - I guess it's an oak although I can't tell because it doesn't have any leaves right now but there's a family of grey squirrels running all over it, which is lovely.

I managed to make my way into central London this morning. Unfortunately the station is at the bottom of the hill but it's only a short 10 minute walk (much longer coming home uphill).

I found out that there's 2 ways to get to the city by train & of course I chose the wrong one this morning. You can go by Southern Rail or the new London Overground. They both leave from the same station, just different platforms so it's a bit confusing. The overground is much faster & connects better with the underground.

Anyhow, I got where I needed to go which was Bond St. I had to make deposits for accommodation at a couple of banks, then I found a T-Mobile shop in Oxford St where I got a free sim card & a Pay-as-you-go card.

Then I just wandered, absorbing one of the greatest cities in the world. Had lunch at the M&S foodhall & walked along Regent Street to Piccadilly. Amazingly, London doesn't have a proper Visitor Information Centre but I got some brochures about what's on, etc at a booth in Piccadilly station.

I was getting a bit weary by then so made my way back to Crystal Palace, walked up the hill (I'll catch the bus next time), made another trip to Sainsbury's & that's about it. Bought some Hot Cross buns for 75p, a bunch of 20 daffodils for a pound ($1.50) & some brocolli & Stilton soup.

Even though it's Friday night I think I'll give the champagne a miss but I do have some South African Sav Blanc in the pocket-sized fridge.

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