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Once again, my apologies for the delay of these posts. I am not very good at this blogging thing, but I will continue to try my best without leaving anything out!

So we began our 5 or so days of vacation between the end of intensivo and the beginning of regular classes officially on the first of February. After returning from Córdoba and Los Baños Árabes I could feel a slight sickness coming on unfortunately. Sure enough, when I awoke on Wednesday to embark on my trip to Málaga I was sick. Luckily it was only a slight cold, and I still had enough energy to travel and make my way around the city. We took about an hour and a half bus ride from Granada to Málaga where the temperature was obviously better. The city was very pretty and right on the beach, I loved it immediately!

Our first goal was to find our hostel, so we split up our group of 7 into groups of 3 and 4 in two different taxis. We gave the taxi drivers the address, and they proceeded to take us to a surf/snowboard/skate shop right near the water, which was clearly not where our hostel was. Turns out there are two streets in Málaga within an hour walking's distance that are named San Telmo. Very helpful. So we walked towards downtown for a good 15 minutes before we stopped for tapas at a restaurant along the way. A very nice man there helped us find exactly where our hostel was located, so we could tell our new taxi drivers exactly where to go. Next, we were dropped off the nearest landmark, and on our own to find the hostel from there. Lots of tiny side streets that are poorly marked did not help our ultimate goal. Finally after another 10 minutes of walking aimlessly we found a very tiny sign that pointed us in the direction of our hostel. And thus, the long-lost hostel was finally discovered! By this time I was definitely starting to feel the effects of my sickness plus the long day of traveling, so I laid down to take a 30 minute siesta.

Afterwards, we decided to explore a bit of Málaga as well as see the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. The weather was a much welcomed change from Granada's cold. The beach was very nice, so we spent most of our time there. When dinner rolled around all 7 of us went to a restaurant to eat some yummy paella OUTSIDE, then to Smöoy (a frozen yogurt place) for ice cream. We all turned in pretty early that night being that we had to leave around 5:15 for a very early flight to Barcelona.

Definitely wish we could have stayed in Málaga for a little longer, but luckily I will be returning there when my parents come to visit!

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