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Our street

Our flat

The front door of our apartment building

The view from our flat

The view again

Our front door

Our hall - lounge on the right, kitchen on the rightat the...

Spare bedroom on the left, our bedroom at the back on the...

Lounge room

Lounge room



2nd bathroom

Entrance to our bedroom

Our bedroom again

Spare bedroom

Courtney's halloween pumpkin

Arthur's Seat (a hill on the edge of Edinburgh with great views...

They have one here too!!!

A close (lane)

The path up Arthur's Seat....

Courtney on top of Arthur's Seat

The view across Edinburgh

The view across Edinburgh

The view across Edinburgh

The view across Edinburgh

A pub in Edinburgh (Dane this one's for you)

Bobby the dog - Bobby stayed by his masters grave for years...

Bobby's pub

The castle at night


Occupy Wall Street support in Edinburgh (opposite a Royal Bank of Scotland...

Occupy Wall Street support in Edinburgh (opposite a Royal Bank of Scotland...

For those who haven't heard about our apartment ordeal.....

Day 1 - Viewed the St Stephen St apartment after Craig had finished work (Courtney was still unemployed oblivious of the priviledge that she was soon to lose)

Day 2 - Apply for the apartment, filled out all the forms and applications for credit checks etc. etc.

Day 3 - 11am - Courtney has failed the employment check.....understandable

Day 3 - 1pm - Craig has failed the credit check......not understandable

Day 3 - 3pm - Only option to pay 6 months in advance!!!!!!!

Day 4 - 9am - Craig and Courtney reject the offer to pay 6 months in advance.

Day 4 - 10am - After playing hard ball for 59 minutes Craig and Courtney freak out and phone to retract rejection, 6 months in advance offer is back on the table.

Day 4 - 1pm - Still wait to hear if landlord has accepted our sweetened offer.....

Day 4 - 3pm - Offer accepted, rush to transfer money from Australia to secure our future! Banks in Australia now closed, emergency fund transfer faces first hurdle. Courtney receives a phone call and her start date at RBS is T-6 and counting....

Day 4 - 6pm - Emergency strategy/celebration session begins at local pub....

Pub minutes.....

Meeting declared open, present parties Courtney, Craig, Stella and Heineken

1st point of discussion - short term accommodation stay ending Tuesday

2nd point of discussion - banks open Monday, transfer to UK takes approx. 3 days

3rd point of discussion - we seem to be short a place to sleep on T-1

4th point of discussion - we have £60 left until pay day (T+10 days away)

Action point - Craig to book cheap short term accommodation (Courtney looks on apprehensively)

5th point of discussion - 2nd beer needed......first 4 points no longer seem worrying...

Day 5 - Saturday - Wake up and are once again concerned....decide to go and have some fun in Edinburgh to forget our worries. Craig's mouth seems surprisingly dry accompanied by other dehydration symptoms....strange. Redeemed Courtney's birthday gift from Garrath & Sarah and visit The Real Mary King's Close (no cameras allowed unfortunately). Mary's King Close is an area of 18th Century Edinburgh which was used as the foundations for the council houses as this was cheaper than demolitioning the old houses and relaying foundations. This essentially preserved a suburb of 18th century houses and streets under the Edinburgh we see today.

Day 6 - Sunday - Craig books some short term accommodation for 2 nights to make sure luggage storage is covered, we will not be homeless. Courtney checks dates, Craig has made an error.....we will once again be homeless for a night.

Day 7 - Courtney solves the accommodation issue but is ripped off, unfortunate but necessary. Courtney collects the keys for the short term flat and begins moving. The temporary flat is smelly and water is dripping from the ceiling....Craig is unpopular and the mood is poor.

Day 8 - Wake early to check for money transfer, it has not arrived and we will have to spend a night sleeping in the damp dump....Craig is unpopular and the mood is poor.

Day 9 - 7am - Wake early due to the smell and water, Craig heads to work and Courtney prepares for a day guarding luggage in the smelly damp dump....Craig is unpopular and the mood is poor.

Day 9 - 10am - Money has arrived and Craig organises transfer while Courtney races to the letting agency to sign all papers and pick up the keys, Courtney (aka the pack horse) begins moving.

Day 9 - 6pm - Craig arrives home and all work is done....Courtney is popular and the mood is good. No bed linen provided, rush into town to find somewhere that's open and just make it to BHS before the doors shut. £275 later Courtney is unpopular and the mood is poor.

Day 10 - Courtney starts work and the mood is poor.

We spent a week or so settling into our new abode waiting for payday, we climbed Arthur's Seat (a big hill on the outskirts of Edinburgh with great views of the city and beyond). We also found a famous Bob the dog, his name is actually Bobby and he is famous for being so close to his police owner, after his owner's death Bobby remained very close to his master hovering near his grave until the day Bobby himself died. There is a pub named after him called Greyfriar's Bobby Bar, he looks quite like Jenny's Bob the dog.

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