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Helena (Pat) Phil receiveing their quilt

Derek - Hilda - Jim - Sam - Pat - Nancy -...

Derek(Ann) - (Hilda - Jim) - (Sam - Pat) - Nancy -...

Do we look like we are related? Derek - Jim - Nancy...

Locked in the car like a dog with no water and 80F

Dover Ferry Terminal

I had another visitor before bed last night. A field mouse decided to explore our room. Sam & Jim chased it out of our room and into somewhere else.

Obviously I forgot to mention that nephew Phil and his wife Helena from London managed to join us Friday for a most enjoyable weekend. Phil is a professional photographer and a good one to boot, and I am using some of his photos. Thanks Phil.

Part of the 40 pounds extra weight were the (2) two quilts for our niece and nephew who recently married (No not to each other). When presented to Helena and Phil, Helena exclaimed "WOW" with a clarification that that was a good "WOW".

Dover and the "BASTARD" roundabouts

Three brothers all alike with no planning in sight.

Hop in you car and drive real far, no signals needed in the 1st car.

Hand signals work only as well as the ones who know the "CODE". Only the driver in the 1st car knew.

Round and round the "BASTARD" roundabout.

This saying came from the GPS voice of "Peter Kay" a British comedian from the Salford area. Jim had his voice giving directions that where quite graphic to say the least.

After much frivolity, the Ferry schedule sorted, Phil & Helena dropped off at the train, a few groceries and back to the "cottage".

It is starting to cool, only slightly, just in time for my Capri's and sox to be washed and ready for another hot day. A good nights sleep is in the cards. If not these bags under my eyes will become steamer trunks.

All great planning for those not planning, it was decided after passing the 2 meals for 10 pounds that we would eat there. WELL, no one noticed that today was Sunday (Sam thought it was The) and the offer did not apply. We dined at that pub anyway, paid full price and enjoyed every bite. Sam & I had the traditional "CARVERY" which was meat, potato, veg and a Yorkshire pudding with gravy of course. YUMMY and yes some sort of cream was involved in the dessert.

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