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Carpe at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

Bob on a launch heading for the Magic Kingdom

Disney Theater

Steam locomotive pulling Disney train

Magic Kingdom castle

Disney Wild Animal Kingdom: Parrots

Disney Wild Animal Kingdom: White Rhino

Disney Wild Animal Kingdom: Elephant

Disney Wild Animal Kingdom: Spring in Florida

Disney Movie Studios Street Scene

Disney Movie Studios Street Scene

Disney Movie Studios: ss watches Muppets film flick

Epcot: "Bucky Ball"

Epcot: Spring has sprung—lovely plantings

Epcot: RDS "honks" Donald's bill

Epcot: RDS & Pooh

Epcot: We loved the "spoot fountain"..
Note spurt over people's heads

The "Magic Kingdome"

Tue, 15 Mar: Drove 180 miles from Hobe Sound to Lake Buena Vista. Did not take the turnpike which added some mileage to our journey, and many, many red lights along US 192. We arrived about 1400, but the check in process took another hour. Didn't settle into our campsite until well after 1500.

We are in Fort Wilderness Campground, which is a monstrously huge place full of screaming kids. It is, without a doubt, the most expensive place we've ever stayed at something like $200/nite (including park admissions). In its favor it is very convenient to the parks, especially the Magic Kingdom. From our site we walk five minutes to a boat dock where a launch takes us on a fifteen or so minute ride to the park entrance. From there we can get on the monorail to Epcot or other parks.

After an early dinner we took the launch to the park to walk around a bit and met our friends Ton and Cheryl Bradley. We went to see the Country Bear Jamboree, which was as great as ever—especially Big Al. We stuck around to watch the Main Street Electric Parade, which is still something to behold. Then queued up for a launch back to the campground, which took some time due to post-parade crowding. Into bed late...

Wed, 16 Mar: Got a late start this morning, but finally got going and drove the car to Epcot. Neither of us had been there before so we had everyone's expectations except that everyone told us that "we'd love it! Well, we were a bit underwhelmed. Stuck around for a few hours and got in the car to return home for lunch.

Took the launch back to the Magic Kingdom in late afternoon and rode the monorail around the parks. Full of screaming totally out of control kids, so it wasn't that enjoyable. Once back at the Magic Kingdom we took some pix of the castle and rode the steam train around the park.

Back to the boat launch and then home by 1930 for a late dinner.

Fri, 18 Mar: A generally lazy day to try and recoup some of our energy. We did not go to any of the parks, rather we stayed at home with the exception of a quick trip to the nearby Winn-Dixie for some victuals. Dinner was a pot luck at John and Eileen's campsite along with Cheryl and Tom Bradley. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with corned beef & cabbage. Always a lot of yucks when the six of us get together.

Saturday we were supposed to meet with the Frerkings and Bradleys at the Wild Animal Kingdom. As has become the norm, we got lost and arrived late. They'd started on the Safari ride without us, so we bit the bullet and stood in the queue for ¾ of an hour and took the ride. Interesting, but hardly worth standing in line for that length of time. Guess we're getting jaded.

Sun, 20 Mar:We met Cheryl and Tom Bradley at the Movie Studio park and immediately headed for the 3D Muppet Movie. This one was really worth waiting in line to see. It was fantastic! We both loved it. After the Muppet movie we split with the Bradleys and went our own way. Sandi lasted another hour, and then—poof, there goes the pep. Back to the coach by early afternoon. But we did enjoy this one.

In the evening we had everyone over to the coach for a pot luck. It was a fantastic evening and everyone really had a great time. The six of us really get along so well.

Mon, 21 Mar: Today the Frerking's grand daughter Maddy left to fly home, so they spent most of the afternoon at the Orlando Airport. We met the Bradleys at Epcot for "linner" to celebrate Tom's birthday. We ate at the steakhouse in the Canadian pavilion, and it was very good—albeit rather pricey. We got an opportunity to take several pix prior to lunch. It is a beautiful park, but too much concrete and far too little shade and places to sit.

In the evening we had everyone over for post dinner snacks/libations/gabfest. It was another fun evening. Sad farewells as the Frerkings and we will depart in the morning, each in a different direction.

Summary? Well, we've "done" Disney World. As old time Disneylanders it is interesting, but far, far too expensive, crowded, noisy, and busy for our tastes. Highlights: Main Street Electric Parade and the 3D Muppet Movie. Will we return? Doubtful...

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