Campbell's Ft. Myers/Sanibel Island Trip Feb. 2011 travel blog

Sanibel Island and at North West, Captiva Island.

Sanibel Island's Bowman's Beach at low morning tide.

Lone beachcomber with shell collection and wet shorts. :)

Seaweed on Bowman's Beach.

Close-up of seaweed.

Colorful shell on beach.

Beachcombers' feet in sea of small shells.

Sea of small shells.

Resting beach birds.

Flower near the beach.

Seagrape leaves along path to beach. Dried leaves were used in place...

Small red flowers along path to beach.

Shark jaws used by park ranger in prehistoric animal presentation.

Alligator skull from 8' gator from refuge. Alligators keep their mouth open...

Close-up of small alligator head.

Flock of White Pelicans along Wildlife Drive.

Closer view of White Pelicans.

White Ebis dining in tidal pool.

Flock of Roseate Spoonbills.

Closer view of Roseate Spoonbills.

Little Blue Heron.

Flower along Wildlife Drive.

Feb. 23 – Revisit to Sanibel Island’s Bowman’s Beach and J. N. Darling National Wildlife Refuge

We headed west again, earlier than on Monday, and missed the bumper-to-bumper line-up and were on the sand by 9 AM for low tide. The quality shells were scarce but it was fun to scour the nearly empty beach for an hour.

We then headed for J. N. Darling National Wildlife Refuge on the north side of the island. See the attached photo. We drove the Wildlife Drive and stopped several times to view and photograph several type of birds.

We stopped to view a flock of Pink Flamingos that were really Roseate Spoonbills. They swing their flat bills from side to side, using them to filter out food.

Early tomorrow morning, we will head west again and go further than Bowman’s Beach to Captiva Island and its beaches. See the attached map for its location.

Correction Section: Yesterday, I named a black bird, drying itself in the sun, as a Cormorant. Today, it is an Anhinga. :) It is often called a “Snake Bird” (never a Cormorant) and it swims under the water for fish and uses its sharp beak to spear its prey.

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