The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

Cactus (photo by Tony)

Boys being boys (photo by Tony)

Raging river in Aguas Calientes (photo by Tony)

Kiosk (photo by Vin)

Aguas Calientes (photo by VIn)

Tony outside treehouse-hotel in Aguas Calientes (photo by Jen)

Train tracks in Aguas Calientes (photo by Vin)

We started the day in Ollantaytambo – wandering around the small town built upon Inca stonework. We could see the fortress looming above the town. We’ll explore that on Friday. In the afternoon we traveled by train (because it’s the only possible way ) to get to Aguas Calientes, where we’ll stay while we explore Machu Picchu.

Vinny: I ate alpaca for dinner. It tasted like a mixture between lamb and beef. It was delicious. I went on the strangest train ride I’ve ever been on: through the Andes Mountains.

Tony: We took an awesome train ride through the Andes to Aguas Calientes (the town below Machu Picchu). We wondered around the town, named for the hot springs that are here, and ended up at our hotel with a great view overlooking the town, the river, and the surrounding mountains.

(Walked 2.2 miles)

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