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Church Sign

Marion Hill Lutheran Church

Inside the church

Sunday found us driving Chuck to his church, about 75 miles from Lindsborg. For those that know me, we had to meet Chuck at 0630 to be at the church before service at 0900. Once in awhile doesn't hurt too much. The Marion Lutheran Church is located just outside of White City, KS. Following church service, we returned to Lindsborg where Eddi and Marge did some shopping at the Swedish stores and bought several small items of Swedish heritage. We were staying at a small RV park called 'Movies N More'. Chuck came over to see the motorhome and have dinner with us. Tomorrow, on to Nebraska. We also learned from another blog, that the rains in Alaska had washed out part of the Top of the World highway which we were planning to travel. It will not effect our travels, as we can continue up the ALCAN instead.

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