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The Plaza in Kimberley

Frankly odd Bavarian village in someone's backyard in Kimberley

View from Kimberley ski field

View from Kimberley ski hill part 2

The Guernsey boys on the crappy old Kimberley chairlift

View from Kimberley ski hill part 3

Dean left and Dean right

View from Kimberley ski hill part 4

Crazy Bavarian cuckoo clock in Kimberley

Kimberley ski hill at night

Fun in Kimberley on a Saturday night...

The Guernsey boys @ an 'Irish' pub in Kimberley

After leaving Fernie, headed on to Kimberley for a few days. Kimberley turns out to be more of a family field than Fernie, and also had less snow. That said, on the back of the mountain there was still some OK riding to be had.

Kimberley turned out to be a very weird Bavarian themed Canadian town. It was dead quiet, could almost see tumbleweed blowing down the streets - I guess because the season has been poor and most families stay in the Condos up the mountain. The Bavarian theme was completed by a 20 foot cuckoo clock in the middle of town (with yodelling Bavarian cuckoo) and the miniature Bavarian village constructed in someone's backyard (see pictures to be attached).

There also seemed to be a relatively high red-neck ratio, complete with good old boys driving around in a convertiable pickup covered with mud in the middle of night.

In total spent 3 days riding at Fernie with Dean and Stacy, the Guernsey boys from Fernie. Then we met up with Ingva and Hendrix (the Swedes) and Mic the Aussie for our road trip to Lake Louise.

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