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Hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs, CO

Utah landscape

Today we're headed to Great Basin National Park just inside the Nevada state line. Then it's on to Death Valley National Park in California - so we may be out of cell phone touch for a few days. I'm sending this update to see if the "sending update" aspect of this program works. Also to add some pics of our Habitat cohorts - Joan and Marc Adler - where we spent 2 days in their driveway in Glenwood Springs, CO. Was great to catch up with them. Glenwood Springs is a neat little valley town on the western end of I-70 with a huge heated hot springs pool in middle of town - filled with people no matter what the weather.

Forgot to mention we visited the New Horizons RV shop in Kansas - a company which designs and manufactures your RV according to your specs and with very quality products. They sure looked nice and we may think hard and long about ordering one. Would like to downsize a bit but still have all the amenities and they are willing to try. Most of the companies now are building taller, longer and fatter RVs for the majority of RVers who set in one place for a long time.

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