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Hi again everyone,

So we live in Pipeline area approx 1hr drive into Monrovia. To catch a taxi is quite a process too. There are so many people here and not many cars. They are small cars and they are allowed to carry 4 passangers in the back seat so driving into monrovia is always a sweaty adventure. But an adventure just the same! We have been following up with requests for supports for a vocational training centre at PAC. Agencies through the UN provide contracts to schools such as building a house, bridge etc which in turn provides jobs and a bit of money so that is what we are working on for PAC.

We also spoke with world hope today about a water pump. They were very supportive about the idea but at present the project is on hold as PAC currently rents the property that they have right now. Therefore if we drill a well we could loose it in the future. This is some what disheartening but we do have access to buy water for the time being. And there are also MANY many other projects that we can work on that I think will help PAC become more self sufficient.

We also met with the Lofa region councillor, to supply transport so that Jerome and I can travel into the Lofa region which is inland and one of the primary regions where the war was fought. This area I guess is very rural and in much need. World Hope also is interested in working with us if we find sites that are in need of water they would like us to assess the area when we are there and report back to them and then they will hope to drill wells out there.

Otherwise things are going well. Of course some what overwhelming but good. I am starting to catch on to the Liberian slang english and our workshops are scheduled for next week.

Internet time is quickly run out

Hope everyone is well!!

Mom and Dad when are you leaving for South Africa again?? Hope you have a good trip.

Lots of Love

Robin and Jerome

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