Poco's great adventure 2009 - 2010 travel blog

Poco climbing tree

Poco hanging out

My very own coconut

Posing with the decorations

sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi tub

the view from our patio

a view of the resort



lobster dinner, steak is hiding behind it

Well, it is hard to believe that the first week has already come and gone. I want to share with you some of the things that I have been up to. I have climbed coconut trees and found my very own coconut. I have also posed for some photos with some of the daily towel arrangements. It is a good job that Elaine has taken a photography course. Last night I had to stay in the room while they went to the Exotic Club Gala dinner. It is a special dinner the resort puts on for Exotic Club members. Together with Chris and Anne, Cory and Elaine joined when they were here in December 2007. It was a classic surf and turf dinner, and check out the picture of the lobster. I am also including some pictures of the resort. Friday morning has come, hard to believe the first week is already over, and we are ready to head off to Playa del Carmen. For two nights we will be staying at the Magic Express. It is a newer hotel that has a small swimming pool and really comfortable loungers. The room is small and very clean, even if the beds are much harder than at the Eldorado. Notice I said beds. We have gone from one king size to two doubles. How very exciting, now I get my very own bed. Well, it is getting late, so I should say good night for now. Tomorrow, we are going to go into Playa del Carmen, as I am looking for a Sombrero and possibly a poncho to keep my purple skin safe. One can't be too careful in this hot Mexican sun, right Cory. I think we are also going to check out the place where we will be moving to on Sunday.

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