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Mesa provides a good base camp for all the preparation for the trip as well as close proximity to the Phoenix airport. We are staying at Valle del Oro Resort, a mega-facility offering every conceivable activity, amenity, entertainment - you name it! It is so large I have to take "Beth" (my GPS) with me when I walk anywhere. We've enjoyed the lap pool and jacuzzi a couple of times, and had a great dinner with Paul and Dalya at a Greek restaurant.

But mostly it's just running around, checking items off our "to-do" list. There are a lot of food stuffs, dry and canned, that we want to take for the boat: pasta, rice, instant mashed potatoes, gravy and sauce mixes, nuts, dried fruit, canned salmon and chicken, coffee, and chocolate, of course! These are cheaper and easier to find here though an added weight factor to pack. A couple of cheap bathing suits from Costco, good hiking sandals and a travel pillow from REI, reef shoes and Buzz-Off shirts, and lots of sunscreen.

Then there is all the e-gear; cameras, computer, GPS, chargers, cables, extra batteries, OMG! One must be prepared for a month, give or take, away from one's little casa mobile. Oh, we have now moved said mobile casa into storage and the kind managers will allow us to camp out the nights before we leave and when we arrive back. But before storage, there was cleaning and polishing all the exterior, orange oil and beeswax on all the interior wood finishes, obviously clean the holding tanks and fill with water and lubricant for the seals. Clean out the refrigerator though we will leave it on propane and the solar panels will keep the batteries charged.

Luckily for us, Paul and Dalya are nearby to check on things and bless his heart, Paul is getting up at 5 a.m. tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday) to take us to the Phoenix airport for our 8 a.m. departure to Houston. Maybe somewhere along the way we can catch the game. We must root for Phoenix as we are now sort of in "residence"!

So dear friends, the plan is to make travel journal and FACEBOOK entries and post pictures, as wifi, satellite or cyber-cafes allow. Please, please reciprocate! Send us luck and hold good thoughts!

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