Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

Packing all the gear

Peaks from 4000 m

Unique vegetation 4200 m



Close up of beautiful plant

Nature stealing Maciejs foot

Colubus monkey

Damn: thats all?

You can't tell, but this is a ten foot forest monster

Sunrise 4720m

Sheila coming down

Rikke visiting the mao-mao caves

Climbing Mt kenya my own way

Hi all - so we went to a small cozy town which was the outset for Maciejs great climb - the town was called Nanyuki. I just spend those 5 days chilling, doing not much, remembering that this is a holiday and I am allowed to just sit on a bench all day and stare at people. Best highlight were the time i bought a corn and when the crazy stoned whites in the town decided to be best palls with me.

I'll let Maciej describe mt Kenya....

At the time that I am writing this, I finsished the MT Kenya trek two weeks ago. The blisters on my feet still have not healed. I think it has much to do with the humidity in this climate. Same things happened when I went to Thailand.

Mt Kenya was a great experience. Was not able to reach the peak of 4985. Instead made it to about 4750. Was very sick and didn't want to risk puting myself in a worse situation. Didn't actually start feeling better until I got really low in altitude (2700)so it seems like I had the flu and altitude sickness. Well, in any event, I was really pissed that I didn't do it but should have given myself an extra day to aclimatize (or however you spell that word). Hope everyone is enjoying the picks.

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