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Notice there's no bacon mum!!!

I'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops

Poo with a view! (This was Em's joke by the way!) -...

Day 2 in Cape Town was pretty much a lazy day getting our bearings and updating the journal site.

We had a 'healthyish' brecko and had a bit of a wanda around Long Street.

Found an Internet Cafe which was cool right up until the point where we had to pay and they had schneekly added the cost of every photo we downloaded onto the price! It only come to about 100 Rand in total but it made us look for another one for the next update. Lets hope the one we are in now (which looks quite dodge!) doesn't do the same thing!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnyyway, in the afternoon we had some lunch at the, wait for it, 'Dubliner' pub right next door to the Hostel. It was 50 Rand (3.50 ish) for a Mixed platter for two but it didn't specify what exactly it was a mix of!

It turned up with some onion rings, springs rolls, and what appeared to be a rat on a stick! Em left hers!!

Sunday in South Africa is Braai day (BBQ) and our hostel had one going from about 7pm on the balcony which turned out to be very popular.

We weren't that hungry to begin with but after a few steaks walked past us we changed our minds!!

I went to the supermarket up the road and got us a couple of big juicy steaks for 32 Rand (2.50!!) which we lubily!!!

The hostel provided all salad, potato's, bread etc for free so it was a really cool cheap meal.

We met a nice couple from Bath (Hannah and Mike) and they told us about what they had done so far. They had gone in the opposite direction (starting in Brazil) so had a lot to tell us about where we were going.

As soon as we found out they were leaving the next day though we quickly dumped them and started looking for some new friends!!! :)

It was a relaxing day, we had a BBQ and we met a cool couple so turned out nice again!!

Oh we also booked up a Table Mountain hike for tomorrow so tune in next time to see how that turned out!!!

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