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Girls in Bed

Great Food at Jackman, Maine Pub

Double Bag Brew Was a Hit

Apple Dumpling Was a Hit Also

View from Nearby Mountain Where Cell Phone Signal Exists

Bailey and Rose Patiently Waiting for Breakfast

Moose River Campgrouds Campsite


View of Old Dam on Creek Behind Campsite

No, That Is Not a Cell Tower

Guide and Martha Looking for Moose

Prospective Moose Siting Location - Can You Find A Moose?

Jackman, Maine Info Center - Closed

Looking At Rows of Info Pamphlets Inside Closed Info Center

Attempting Cell Phone Service Atop Mountain

Another View from Cell Phone Access Mountain Top

Jackman, Maine Websites

Jackman, Maine Info

More Jackman, Maine Info

Jackman, Maine Area Info

Moose Watching and Fact Site

Moose Info/Sounds:

Moose Sounds - Click on Playlist to hear Moose Chit Chat or a female Moose ‘come hither’ sound

Moose Photo

Jackman Weather

July 20 Journal Entry – Travel to Jackman, Maine

We had a nice ride north to Jackman, Maine and are camped under a stand of pines.

Before I applied a thorough application of bug spray, I contributed some of my O Positive to 5 female mosquitos. I warned them that my blood had an anti-K factor in case they wanted to change their minds; none did.

We enjoyed a great dinner at the local pub where we learned where the best places to view Moose – both are on highways out of town. The directions included a strong warning that Moose eyes do not reflect light in the night (deer’s eyes do). So, we will not be driving the roads at night.

We took the opportunity to ask a couple locals at the pub about the sites-to-see in Jackman. There were some thoughtful pauses and then the comment “Some visitors take photos of the Catholic Church.” Our looks gave our disbelieving feelings away so they followed up with the comment “Well, it is large”. : )

We will visit the Chamber of Commerce to pick up some more ideas.

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