ASIA TRIP 2008 travel blog

No worries, I am alive...We got back to Chiang Mai Thursday night after our three day trip. We had a great time together and I have actually continued on with the couple from Austria and plan to meet back up with another one of the guys on the trip in Ko Tao. To sum up the trip, we didn't do as much trekking as I thought we would, and it wasn't too strenuous. However, that turned out to be okay...on our treks through the jungle, I managed to get attacked by leeches on both of my feet. The first day we drove up in the mountains on a super rocky dirt road in the back of a truck, then hiked to a village in the middle of nowhere. Our tour guide was great!!! He cooked us real Thai food for every meal on the trip, and it was all incredible. It rained the first day as we were hiking to the village, so all of our stuff was soaked and smelling like mildew the rest of the trip. What can ya do? At night we played lots of cards(our European friends taught us a fun German game called wizard that we all loved) drank beer and made a bon fire. The second day we hiked to another village and had lunch, then hiked to this pretty neat waterfall, where we all took our first shower of the trip. The water was freezing, but it was totally worth it to get clean. Then we hiked back to the village where we hung out the rest of the night doing the same thing as the first night...drinking, playing card games etc...

The third day we hiked for a bit, then a truck picked us up to take us to the elephant camp where we rode elephants for an hour. Then right after we went white water rafting...where our crazy guide was trying flip us over and drive us mad with his terrible singing. We managed to hit some pretty rough rapids and did lose one, but luckily her boyfriend had quick reflexes and snatched her by the life jacket before she got sucked under the boat. Then we drove back to Chiang Mai and we were all exhausted and ready for a good shower and a nice bed to sleep on. The five us all went out for dinner and drinks later that night to celebrate, and had the most amazing Indian food...unfortunately it didn't sit so well in my stomach and I got pretty sick, so I had to call it early that night. The next day I flew down to phuket with the Marlise and Walter (the Austrian couple)and from there we took a taxi ride to Krabi. We stayed there for the night and then took a boat over to Railay Beach the next morning. So tonight will be my first night in Railay beach. It's a small little beach town with really nice resorts, and the climbing is supposed to be really good. So, I am going to check that out tomorrow. The weather hasn't been the greatest, but it hasn't rained yet today, and I was able to lay by the beach, so that was nice. Monday I am taking a bus/ferry trip to Ko Tao for the rest of my trip and Marlise and Walter are doing the same (I've been a nice third wheel on their vacation, but they have been great company). The east coast is supposed to have much better weather this time of year. That's all for now, I am off to find a good place for dinner, and hopefully see a good sunset tonight!

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