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Em's new tattoo (dont worry its only pretend!)

Emma being tattooed on Venice Beach

reading outside our hostel, can you see the beach?

Walk of fame!

Vik's feet inside tom hank's (please ignore bite marks on my feet!)

Em standing on Britney Spears

We bumped into Rambo!

most famous LA shot

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anistons House!

us in the hollywood hills (hollywood bowl in background -left)

"L.A ,L.A, L.A, we're going to L.A" that robbie williams track has been going round in my head ever since we got here. bet it took him ages to come up with the lyrics, NOT!

speaking of sarcasm thats another anglocism that hasnt reached these shores yet, they just dont get it! When we were in Vegas, as we were coming out of the show there was a lady stood there saying

'photos on your right, on your right photos, looking for your photos? over on your right, on your right ladies and gentlemen please look at your photos, ooooooon the right - photos'

literally she was a stuck record. so as this huge queue (sorry 'line') of people are going past her(we are stuck right in the middle of it) Emma turns to me and says in a really loud voice 'Vik, i dont think i know where our photos are???' so i shout back at her 'im really not sure but i think they might be over on the right somewhere?'

all the people around us just stared at us like we were mental or should have landed in roswell and the only people who laughed with us were a mancester couple about 3 rows behind us. Well we thought we were funny????? apparently not

anyway, i am wandering off the subject of this entry: LA!

so we are staying right on Venice beach as you can see from the photos its really nice and very bohemiam & quirky. Em had a henna tatoo done yesterday to see if she liked it and she looks like a proper traveller now - it looks really good.

did the usual 'crashing' when we got here, 7 hours on a bus really isnt all that great when the drivers are madmen - so we collapsed til the next morning then did the 'hollywood' thing!

got to see Baywatch beach (just along from our hostel), Hollywood walk of fame, Stars homes, Beverley hills & bel air (no fresh princes though), rodeo drive & sunset strip.

Here are our personal highlights:

Vikki: def all the 'pretty woman' references. Frankers you would have loved it! pulled up outside the hotel 'vivien' stays in and saw the fire escape bit from the end, aaah got all soppy imagining richard gere climbing up it like prince charming. Then we got to stand outside the actual shop she walks into on Rodeo drive where they snub her and she goes back to say 'you work on comission right? big mistake - huge' yep we said it out loud when we were there, we had to!!! and you saw the hotel where richard gere had the penthouse suite and they got jiggy on the piano! always remember that my mum and i used to sit on the sofa watching that and she would fast forward that bit,erm hello i can still see them doing stuff their just doing it faster!

Emma: Not really sure which bits i liked best...the thing i would have loved would have been the stars homes..except a) i felt like a bit of a perve snooping around and b) surely they could have pointed out any houses and said someone famous lived would we know???!!! I did love seeing where the oscars are held...every year that they're on i dream about walking up those stairs and finally i've got to do it...unfortunately there was no red carpet, no film crews and no award for best actress...oh well maybe next year!!!!

P.S I've had my hair cut (sorry mart, it was doing my head in..) -will get vik to take a photo so you can all see -i reckon its really really short...and 'i dunno i lost my curls i look like a boy' (think only mel will get that joke!!!) -basically its all flicky outtie -and she said she was gonna leave some long pieces at the back...i couldnt see what she was doing but when we got back to the room i realised i'd made a BIG mistake HUGE! -it looked like a 3 year old had cut thier first my girlsworld...its ok though coz i got vikki to cut it again with someones nail scissors!!!! -martin you're gonna have a task on your hands when i get back to make me look even 1/2 decent!!!!!!! xx

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