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Dream Camper?

Caption for the camper

Hi from Chilliwack.

We have had a pretty good day today. Travelled to Port Coquitlam to pick up lights for the campground, then back on Highway 1 and on towards Chilliwack. Planned to see son Jon but he was in the middle of moving to Mission and the timing wasn't time. We spent a few hours at BC's largest RV show. Not quite as large as the Toronto ones, but pretty good. We saw many wonderful units but nothing that beats our current home.

However, as the picture shows, Peter found his "dream camper". This is a 1923 Ford Model T - complete with outhouse! Sheriff Britches and Deputy Boots rolled in to the show from the USA. It said they actually drove this all the way....hmm! Their 84 year old antique was made from a do-it-yourself-guide in a 1920s issue of Popular Mechanics. The total cost to build this 'camp car' was listed as $650.00 including a used tuck! It even had a canvas slide-out to help one cook a meal on the engine, and a bath tub hidden under a seat.

Well, on second thought I better have a talk with Peter and convince him that we should stick with our 1990 Salem Cobra - it may not have a washer and dryer as this 'dream camper' but it does have a bit more room....

Hope you have a great weekend. Peter & Connie

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