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Well, it started innocently enough. Trev was tiered of being bound by campground reservations. He didn't feel the freedom. I had already booked in at Stone Mountain Georgia but we had a growing problem. The weather in Georgia was insanely hot and we were starting to spend most of our time in the RV with the air conditioner and avoiding outside activities. Trev was also tiered of State Parks which trade beauty for facilities. He wanted a place where the was more to do - a Rec Hall (Recreational Hall where activities take place) and "stuff". So I postponed our trip to Stone Mountian to the end of the month and handed the planning reigns to Trev. Mmmmm

Well there's not much to say about yesterday. We did a lot of driving.

We did stop in at Huntington Island and spent some time at the beach which was really nice. I don't like the beach all that much but there was stiff breeze, it wasn't too hot and the water was warmish.

And then we drove some more. At first just looking around, casually but as the day wore on our searching became a little more directed towards finding a sleeping spot. We did get to drive around the Isle of Palms which we would NEVER have seen had we known where we were going and it was very pretty until we got stuck at a dead end. (We can't reverse the RV when we are towing the Honda so if we get stuck it's a bit of a problem.)Never mind, Trev unhiched the RV and half an hour later we were back searching for sleeping accomodation. I think Trev was feeling a little foolish at this point. (Elt made up a blues song about being lost in Savannah and feeling like a fool.) The sun set and still we searched. Of course any of my planning tools had gone home to bed by this time and were not answering their phones. And then the gas was getting low which means two things: The first is the obvious-can't drive if you aint got no gas but the second is that the generator, as a safety mechanism, won't work on less than a quater tank which makes boondocking (parking any old spot without hooking up to electric and or water) very uncomfortable.

Okay, so eventually at 9pm we find a gas station and the guy there says theres a camp ground 2 miles down the road. Thank the Lord...lets just hope it's open.

It seems we are not the first entrepid travellers to need a night check-in because they have a whole system set-up for people like us that get lost and arrive late with no reservation.

We have hit it lucky though. This place has a rec hall and we are slap bang in the middle of Charleston. The weather is cooler and all we have to do now is clean the RV and then we're free for the day. (Monday is housecleaning day.)

I have no idea where we will be tomorrow. I hope here for a few days at least. We have two weeks before we need to be back in Georgia.

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