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Marina view of Warren & Carole's house

Coach parked around the corner from Warren & Carole's house

View of the house from the corner

View of marina from the back patio

The boathouse and 26' speed boat



Pontooned Ultralight

Returning home

The usual wrap-up activity

Warren & Greg


Socks and I were up early. He went outside to check his territory and I prepared breakfast for us. I had cereal and he had his hot dog. Afterward, I prepared the coach for travel; coupled up the trailer; and loaded the SUV on it. On the way out of the fairgrounds, I dumped my black & gray tanks and headed for the highway to Warren & Carole's place. As it turned out, The road outside the North gate was CA highway 4. I followed it for the twenty plus miles to Discovery Bay.

Discovery Bay is a large marina community off the Sacramento River that goes to the Stockton dock yards. Warren & Carole's house is at the corner of two streets and has it's dock with boats at the end of the waterway. It reminds me of my brother-in-law's (Russ & Marcia's) house in Huntington Beach, CA. You walk out onto the patio, down the ramp and along the dock to either boat. He has a 26' Sea Ray for cruising and camping on the Delta. We went out for a pleasant ride and passed by a bunch of young people grouped along the beach of an island. It reminded me of Lake Havasu, AZ during spring break.

We spent all day reminiscing and getting caught up on all the family news and all the things we did as couples years ago. We didn't remember how long it's been since we last saw each other...maybe 10-15 years.

We had a wonderful home cooked (BBQ) dinner. It was a nice break from the cans and boxes.

I had parked the coach around the corner at the curb. Around 10:30, Socks and I went "home" and crashed for the night.

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